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Polka Dot

“The Ultimate Chalkboard”
Stefano Gulizia, Catch-22 Review


“The idea is to illustrate a football team’s dominance in individual minutes of a football match in a visual form, preferably one that appeals in some way. The results are presented in the form of polka dots in the colours of each respective team”.


“Scorelines never give a full picture of a game. Some people just look for the score of a game rather than anything else which is a shame but is nonetheless a common truth. Watching a game of football and judging on the basis of an individual minute of play which team is dominating the other brings a different perspective to the game and also presents an opportunity to try and visualise the game in a different way. Various factors influence the judgement on who is “rewarded” that minute dot: the key ones being attacking possession and manipulation of opposition (for example if a team are in possession but are under constant pressing and cannot bring the ball forward in a given minute then the minute would by-in-large be awarded to the team defending)”.

“Minutes where play is sufficiently delayed are nulled and do not appear in polka dot form hence why you’ll often find that there are sometimes less than 90 dots on a given example. The minutes don’t necessarily have to be complete in duration, they are taken from the game clock and as long as there is a sufficent amount of play for a conclusion to be made on a given minute then it can be awarded to a given team”.

How to read it

The game’s minutes go from left to right from the first minute onwards.

Volume One: February 2012 – June 2012

Volume Two: Euro 2012



08/06/12: Poland 1-1 Greece

08/06/12: Russia 4-1 Czech Republic

12/06/12: Greece 1-2 Czech Republic

12/06/12: Poland 1-1 Russia

16/06/12: Czech Republic 1-0 Poland

16/06/12: Greece 1-0 Russia



09/06/12: Holland 0-1 Denmark

09/06/12: Germany 1-0 Portugal

13/06/12: Denmark 2-3 Portugal

13/06/12: Holland 1-2 Germany

17/06/12: Denmark 1-2 Germany

17/06/12: Portugal 2-1 Holland



10/06/12: Spain 1-1 Italy

10/06/12: Ireland 1-3 Croatia

14/06/12: Italy 1-1 Croatia

14/06/12: Spain 4-0 Ireland

18/06/12: Croatia 0-1 Spain

18/06/12: Italy 2-0 Ireland



11/06/12: France 1-1 England

11/06/12: Ukraine 2-1 Sweden

15/06/12: Ukraine 0-2 France

15/06/12: Sweden 2-3 England

19/06/12: England 1-0 Ukraine

19/06/12: Sweden 2-0 France


21/06/12: Czech Republic 0-1 Portugal

22/06/12: Germany 4-2 Greece

23/06/12: Spain 2-0 France

24/05/12: England 0-0 Italy: Italy win 4-2 on penalty kicks


27/06/12: Portugal 0-0 Spain: Spain win 4-2 on penalty kicks

28/06/12: Germany 1-2 Italy


01/07/12: Spain 4-0 Italy

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  1. Jackie permalink
    May 22, 2012 14:57

    It would be intresting to see what time the goals were scored and weather it from counter attack or ball possession (combination play).

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