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Congratulations to Craig Burley, the winner of the 2011-12 Gary Birtles Incompetent Analysis Award!

May 1, 2012

In the fourth year of this (un)prestigious award, the voting was opened to you the public to choose the recipient. There were a variety of contenders but as the votes piled up there was one name clearly ahead of the rest.

Craig Burley’s vote count rocketed as soon as voting opened and there was no looking back. The below is the top 5 as voted by you

5th Place: with 65 points, Mark Bright
4th Place: with 75 points, Garry Birtles
3rd Place: with 90 points, Jim Beglin
2nd Place: with 145 points, Andy Townsend
1st Place: with 255 points, Craig Burley

Some comments were passed by some of the voters and in your words, here’s why Craig Burley is the deserved winner this year.

“I don’t even believe Craig Burley when he says his name is Craig Burley”.

“If you’ve heard Burley commentating then you’ve heard him go off on a uninteresting 5 minute tangent about something totally mundane. His monologue about potato scones during a recent match is a perfect example of this. Craig Burley is an appallingly bad commentator”.

“Idiot of a man, absolute clown of a commentator”.

“An absolute cretin of the highest order with an incredible anti-Celtic bias, despite playing for them for several years. His repeated claim that a title win is “tainted” because of the shenanigans at Ibrox manages to infuriate not just fans, but club officials”.

Our congratulations to Craig Burley and commiserations to those vying for the title of the most incompetent analyst in Britain. The incompetence pendulum has swung in ESPN’s favour although ITV continue their relentless challenge for the crown. To get 2nd and 3rd shows that they remain the channel for moronic commentary.

Thank you to all who voted this year. Next year will see some expansion categories as well as a few campaigns, a far more elaborate scheme. The interest in this year’s award has certainly made it worthwile opening to the public vote.

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  1. Ally Glen permalink
    May 1, 2012 21:45

    Well deserved. When Tevez went back to training Burley called him a Teletubby, and said he’d play no part in the title run in. Boy has got mince in his heid.

  2. @markcurtains permalink
    May 17, 2012 08:49

    How is Don Goodman not included in this list? *starts voting for next year*


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