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2011-2012 Gary Birtles Incompetent Analysis Award: Have Your Say!

April 5, 2012

It’s that time of year. The Gary Birtles Incompetent Analysis Award is back. We’re pleased to announce that the (extremely un-) prestigious award, now in its fourth year, will be open to the public vote. Yes, YOU can decide who will be crowned the most
incompetent analyst in English football this season.

Here is a reminder of the criteria for the award.

The Incompetent Analysis Award only applies to those men who fulfil the role of “colour commentator” or “analyst” depending on your preference. Pundits of a visual persuasion may be included in any future editions of the award but at present there is no intention to do so. To be nominated for the award, a co-commentator must display ineptitude on a consistent basis and demonstrate the willingness to utilise as little of their perceptive brain as possible. Clichés earn credibility too in the incompetent analysis stakes.

Each person is allowed to vote for THREE people, ranked in an order. The first choice will be allocated 15 points, the second choice 10 points and the third choice 5 points. An individual CANNOT be voted for thrice by one person i.e. 1st Mark Bright, 2nd Mark Bright, 3rd Mark Bright. Remember, this award is for commentary analysts, not the sofa-bound chatterboxes.

There are TWO ways you can vote: send them to @andrewcharding on Twitter or simply leave a comment below (the comment will not be published but will be read by the author and counted accordingly)

Struggling as to who will get your vote? Here’s a run-down of some of the men believed to be in the reckoning.

Mark Bright

Last year’s winner, he’s been used sparingly this season and as such his star of incompetence is on the wane. He famously snatched last year’s title at the death with a blistering performance at Cardiff and while his infrequent time behind the microphone may have damaged his chances, there is no denying his incredible incompetence.

Garry Birtles

The man whom the award is named in honour of, this season has seen his performances fluctuate as he bids to reclaim the title and win it for a third time. A legend of the cliché, it would be a foolish man who would not think he’ll be up high in the votes.

Don Goodman

Surprisingly absent from last year’s final four, the former Wolves and West Bromwich Albion (just say Midlands) man has probably been one of the more consistent performers this season.

Matt Le Tissier

Anecdotes can only take you so far. Le Tissier’s willingness to agree with everything his commentary partner says has made him one to watch in the incompetence stakes.

Jim Beglin

Fluctuating form has cost this warhorse in the past but after being a runner-up in the first two editions before last year’s shocking no place, there’s no denying that he has the pedigree to win it this time round.

Andy Townsend

Before he was a simple sofa dweller but now he has taken to behind the microphone and his lack of research has propelled him firmly in the hunt for the award.

Craig Burley

Andy Gray-lite. A dark horse but increased exposure has seen his stock rise this year.

There are of course others who will come to mind. This list is not a definite selection. You can vote for whoever as long as they are a commentary analyst and not one of those studio fellas. All that’s left to say is get voting!

Voting will be closed on the 27th April 2012 and the winner will be announced on 30th April 2012.

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  1. romoorio permalink
    April 6, 2012 10:12

    Don Goodman never played for Villa, are you thinking of West Brom?

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