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Palancas Negras EP

January 30, 2012

The Black Antelopes were close. Needing to just hold their own for ninety minutes against not even the most powerful Elephants, they would advance further to face the challenge of the Copper Bullets in the next phase.

Alas, the Antelopes stopped still. Events conspired against them.

They were victorious over the bright yet naïve Stallions before and were held by the Falcons but their destiny was theirs to sculpt.

Yet success evaded them. This would prove to be the end of the road for the Antelopes this year.

Slow and ponderous, the Antelopes allowed the Elephants to dominate them and when the Elephants struck, it was met with more trepidation yet still the thought that it’ll be enough. Only seconds, if that, passed and news rolled across the land that the Falcons had got an advantage over the Stallions.

A further reaction was required yet nothing came from the Black Antelopes. Those watching on became tense.

The tension would escalate. The Antelopes became consumed by it and their legs became heavier with the emotional burden. Or so it appeared from the pictures on television.

The Elephants were perplexed as the Antelopes offered very little to counter them. The Antelopes struggled for momentum and a barrage of mistakes only added greater to the sense of worry. A mistake in the last line of defence would prove the fatal blow to their hopes.

The Elephants couldn’t believe their luck. The leader of the Elephants came for a few minutes but it was clear that the fight was won. When more news came from afar of further advantage for the Falcons, it would signal the end of the Antelopes’ campaign.

Their exit was hoped to be valiant. Instead, it was barely a whimper.

Clouds begun to circle as the Antelopes unable to resume, downed and prey to any scavengers. Words of confidence mean little to the fallen Antelopes. The coming days will tell as to what state they will be in upon their return to competition.

Retreating back to their homes, the Antelopes will be eager to regroup for the trials that await them for the next competition on the continent.

Questions will be asked of their leader.

Was there a gameplan? If there was, what on Earth was it?

Perhaps they should try and find their old leader, the one who lead them to their greatest success when they were in the global contest.

The Antelopes have tried the pretty boy who now leads the Copper Bullets and when they were hosts some years prior, they tried a successful sage of the African realm but ultimately neither stayed long to leave a deep mark on the Antelopes’ psyche.

With he who brought them their finest hour, it all just seemed right.

Even with him, failure was not such a bad temporary conclusion. The failures he had were understandable as some Antelopes were too old and some were too young. The mix would seem better now. Who knows? It is something for all Antelopes to ponder.

Change is expected but they need to make a change that is right for them. The next challenge is fairly immediate so there can’t be a great period of readjustment. Perhaps re-introducing an old face to the ranks may be the better move.

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