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NBA Season Preview 2011-12

December 23, 2011

After all the greed versus greed contest that nearly threatened even the thought of an NBA campaign this year, we now have one close to beginning. Christmas Day sees some thoroughly interesting games, more than likely in an attempt to help those forget of the piss-take that so nearly meant a year off for the millionaires.

With the NBA season so close, here’s a very brief preview of the upcoming season for each of the 30 teams.


One word: Undersold

Player-To-Watch: Tracy McGrady (just a relic to have on the bench or can he actually make a significant contribution?)

Where will they end up? Play-Offs but not much more.


One word: Ageing

Player-To-Watch: Ray Allen (likely last season with the Celtics but still got it)

Where will they end up? Either surprisingly beaten in 1st round of play-offs or winners of the whole damn thing.


One word: Whipped

Player-To-Watch: Kemba Walker (rookie year but gives Bobcats fans hope for promising future)

Where will they end up? Out at the first hurdle. No wonder Jordan was so steadfast in the lock-out.


One word: Charging

Player-To-Watch: Derrick Rose (MVP with the lingering thought there’s even more to give and this could be the time he produces that)

Where will they end up? Conference finalists.


One word: Timid

Player-To-Watch: Kyrie Irving (No.1 draft pick, pressure is on but optimism for Cavaliers)

Where will they end up? Out at the first hurdle.


One word: Rebuilding

Player-To-Watch: Greg Monroe (second season on back of decent rookie campaign, masses of potential and more than just a lummox in centre)

Where will they end up? Play-offs.


One word: Unit

Player-To-Watch: Danny Granger (symbolic of the power of Pacers’ collective)

Where will they end up? Solid if unspectacular, Conference semi-finals beckon.


One word: Money

Player-To-Watch: Chris Bosh (perceived weaker of the powerful trident, needs a better year personally)

Where will they end up? Close again but NBA title may elude them once more.


One word: Middle

Player-To-Watch: Stephen Jackson (has a decent record in reaching play-offs and could help push Bucks just over into play-off contention)

Where will they end up? Closer to the play-offs but not close enough.


One word: Howard

Player-To-Watch: Deron Williams (a very good point guard who could if fit could fire Nets into the play-offs.

Where will they end up? I hate to say a player makes a team but if they get Dwight Howard then they would be in the play-off hunt. Otherwise, they don’t appear strong enough.


One word: Dreaming

Player-To-Watch: Amar’e Stoudemire (him and Carmelo Anthony for a full season could be just the thing for the Knicks to push on)

Where will they end up? Play-offs and maybe pushing into Conference title contention.


One word: Questions

Player-To-Watch: Dwight Howard (a lot depends on just what the Magic decide to do about Howard)

Where will they end up? Play-offs but the will-they-won’t-they with Howard may have a negative impact on the Magic.


One word: Tight

Player-To-Watch: Jrue Holiday (Elton Brand remains the top man in Philly but Holiday can establish himself as a more considerable asset for the team his year)

Where will they end up? Pipping the Nets and Bucks and into the play-offs where they just might surprise to go one stage further. But not much more.


One word: Tame

Player-To-Watch: Demar Derozan (needs to learn to pass, otherwise his game is as limited as the team he’s in)

Where will they end up? Out early and maybe cannon fodder in their conference.


One word: Wall

Player-To-Watch: John Wall (it’s all about him in DC and this season he’s expected to push on and really look to fulfil obvious potential)

Where will they end up? Better than last season but short of the play-offs.


One word: Dirk

Player-To-Watch: Vince Carter (interesting addition to the Mavericks line-up. Alongside Kidd, he could be very important to the impressive cohesion that they look to continue from last time around)

Where will they end up? A hugely impressive roster of talent that should be comfortably gracing the latter stages of the Championships once again. But to retain the title? Perhaps too many changes.


One word: Chicken

Player-To-Watch: Nene (if he steers clear of injuries, he could really develop into the leader)

Where will they end up? Strong enough to reach the play-offs but little more.


One word: Wooden

Player-To-Watch: Monta Ellis (great to watch, he’ll be key in anything positive the Warriors do)

Where will they end up? Always looking to ignite themselves into a blaze of glory but they’re far from Golden. It would be something amazing if they could get into the play-offs.


One word: Failed

Player-To-Watch: Chase Budinger (Looks set for a more sizeable role in the Rockets fortunes)

Where will they end up? Nothing really jumps at you when looking over the assets of the Rockets. A season of mediocrity and no play-off hope awaits.


One word: Hope

Player-To-Watch: Chris Paul (his arrival will excite the fans and just perhaps eek more out of the team)

Where will they end up? Play-offs are now the expectation and they look good enough to meet that requirement.


One word: Kobe

Player-To-Watch: Metta World Peace (or Ron Artest as he was born, he’s changed his name and he needs to up his game if he’s to be taken seriously again)

Where will they end up? Interesting time for the Lakers without Mr. Jackson at the helm. They should be in title contention with the talent they possess.


One word: Furry

Player-To-Watch: Rudy Gay (his return from injury will either push the Grizzlies higher up the ladder or it will make them unstable and they’ll lose the footing they established last season. Unlikely it’ll fall in between those estimates).

Where will they end up? Play-offs maybe even pushing into Conference Finals contention.


One word: Love

Player-To-Watch: Kevin Love (vital to any hope the Timberwolves have of doing anything resembling a bid towards the play-offs).

Where will they end up? Surely they’ll improve on last season but still not enough to really trouble those in play-off contention.


One word: Moving.

Player-To-Watch: Emeka Okafor (an excellent defender who really does need to get more points or fear falling into the trappings of the one-dimensional player)

Where will they end up? Things may be looking up off-court but they really could fall back a bit on the court. A possible miss on the play-off front.


One word: Sonics.

Player-To-Watch: Kevin Durant (so impressive last season and so key to the Thunder)

Where will they end up? Play-offs comfortably but enhanced expectations might mean they won’t quite get to where they were last time out.


One word: Fizzling

Player-To-Watch: Steve Nash (still going, still producing albeit with a support cast that appears to get weaker. Possibly last season with the Suns).

Where will they end up? One last push for the play-offs with Nash but they just don’t seem good enough compared to other possibilities. Questionable times in Phoenix.


One word: Strange

Player-To-Watch: LaMarcus Aldridge (excellent last season and will certainly continue as the main man for the Trail Blazers.

Where will they end up? Play-offs but likely to be unconvincing in the process.


One word: Anaheim

Player-To-Watch: John Salmons (possesses good all-round abilities, one of the Kings leading consistent lights)

Where will they end up? Nowhere near the play-offs and quite possibly on their way out of Sacramento.


One word: Pensionable

Player-To-Watch: Tim Duncan (keeps on going, question is for how much longer?)

Where will they end up? Similar to the Celtics, it may have the look of a last chance saloon at a title where they’ll either be up there or will suffer and burn out early in the play-offs.


One word: Hands

Player-To-Watch: Al Jefferson (it would appear all hopes of play-off contention rest on his shoulders)

Where will they end up? Could make a dash for the play-offs but don’t appear to have quite the talent to quite achieve that this season.

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  1. December 23, 2011 21:27

    I can not consider Kobe and Vanessa are gaining a breakup. Is everyone in existence worried in regards to the La lakers as much as I’m?

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